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  • Encourage participation in the ministry, mission and work of the Presbytery by qualified persons from throughout the Presbytery.
  • Secure from the ministers, educators and members of the churches in the Presbytery names of persons who are qualified to serve on the various Ministry Units. The consent of any person nominated to serve, if elected, shall be secured before presenting his/her name in nomination to the Presbytery
  • Nominate persons to all elected positions according to the conditions set forth in the Book of Order with regard to fair representation.
  • Nominate persons to serve in compliance with this Manual, the Policies of National Capital Presbytery the following positions: Moderator and Vice Moderator of Presbytery, Members of the Council and Presbytery Committees, The chairs of all the Committees of the Presbytery after consultation with the Committees, Commissioners, Alternates and Advisory Delegates to General Assembly and Synod meetings and any representatives serving on other Boards specified to be elected or appointed by National Capital Presbytery
  • Fill vacancies when there is a resignation or death.
  • Instruct the Chair of any Committee to notify the Stated Clerk of the Presbytery of any persons failing to Serve responsibly on the Committee. The Stated Clerk, thus notified shall declare such person’s place vacant and shall set into motion the process to fill the unexpired term.
  • Consult at least annually with the Committee on Representation.
  • Consult at least annually with the Council

Staff Contact:
John Molina Moore, General Presbyter

Class of September 1, 2024

  • Rev. Adele Crawford

Class of September 1, 2025

Class of September 1, 2026

  • Shani McIlwain
  • Jennifer Swanson