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Committee on Ministry (COM) Documents

The Committee on Ministry – (COM) supports National Capital Presbytery’s (NCP) responsibilities for the care, oversight, and accountability for teaching elders and educators. These include examining, receiving, and dismissing minister members; offering encouragement and support to teaching elders and educators; seeking healthy relationships between teaching elders and congregations; and helping congregations secure appropriate pastoral leadership and educators in times of transition.

The work is carried out by five teams of teaching and ruling elders – Care, Congregational Transitions, Examinations, Ministry Relations, and Specialized – and with the oversight of the COM Coordinating Committee. COM’s authority is based in the Book of Order, G-3.0306 and G-3.0307 [Book of Order references here].

For information on the work of each team, its leadership,
and the members of the Committee on Ministry, please click

Care for Pastors and Educators

  • Guidelines for Sabbatical Leave
  • Request for Financial Support for Interim Ministry Training
  • Ministry Crisis Fund of National Capital Presbytery
    How to Apply for Ministry Crisis Funds: The Ministry Crisis Fund exists to help members of the Presbytery with acute, urgent needs. Funds are typically limited to $10,000 and extended in the form of loans, repayable over time, to enable as many recipients to benefit as possible, but may be forgiven upon request if there is no means to repay over the long term. To apply, please answer the following questions and send your request to the General Presbyter.
    1) Describe the nature of the crisis.
    2) What other sources of support do you have? How are you marshalling that help?
    3) How specifically can we help? How will that help move you forward?
    4) What will be the impact for you of not receiving the help?
    The Ministry Relations Team of the Committee on Ministry will review your request at its meeting on the second Thursday of each month.


Commissioned Ruling Elder (CRE)


Interim Ministry

Membership in NCP

Ministry Relations and Evaluation

Pastor Nominating Committees

Procedure documents for Pastor Nominating Committees:
Calling a Pastor or Associate Pastor
Establishing a New Associate Pastor position
Securing Pastoral Leadership for Immigrant Worshipping Communities
Admitting Ministers from Other Denominations


Stated Supply

Procedure documents for Stated Supply:
Selecting a Stated Supply Pastor

When Pastoral Relationships End

Procedure documents for When Pastoral Relationships End:
When a Pastor Leaves