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Committee on Ministry

Purpose & Function:

Purpose & Function: The Committee on Ministry (COM) supports National Capital Presbytery’s (NCP) responsibilities for the care, oversight, and accountability for teaching elders and educators. These include examining, receiving, and dismissing minister members; offering encouragement and support to teaching elders and educators; seeking healthy relationships between teaching elders and congregations; and helping congregations secure appropriate pastoral leadership and educators in times of transition.

The work of the COM is carried out by five teams of ministers and ruling elders and with the oversight of the COM Coordinating Committee. COM’s authority is based in the Book of Order, G-3.0306 and G-3.0307.

For documents related to Committee on Ministry work, please click here.

Teams of the Committee on Ministry:

Care — The Care Team provides grants for church leaders to attend continuing education events or facilitate colleague groups and supports pastors by remembering clergy ordinations and showing compassion to those with illness or loss. The team conducts Exit Interviews with those leaving their current staff positions, and helps the executive presbyter welcome new clergy into the presbytery.

Congregational Transitions — The Congregational Transitions Commission provides oversight to every move made in, out, and within a congregation. The CTC works with congregations from the moment a pastor communicates her intention to leave a position through the calling of a new pastor. CTC works through liaisons who become the face of the CTC to the session and congregation and work with them to determine the appropriate type of call (installed, designated, stated supply, etc.), ensure good fit, healthy financial picture (including minimum salary requirements and benefits), and all the appropriate legal and immigration requirements have been met. Harriet Hopkins, hjhopkins2020@gmail.com and Lyman Smith, lymansmithctc@gmail.com co-chair this commission.

Examinations — The Examinations Team examines candidates transferring into our presbytery or changing calls within our presbytery. These teams continue to work with candidates to ensure the theological and pastoral competence required for teaching elders in the variety of ministry contexts in this presbytery. Mick Burns, revburns@providencechurch.org chairs the Examinations Team.

Ministry Relations — The Ministry Relations Team (MRT) blends care, oversight, and accountability for members of the presbytery and congregations through its work in crisis engagement and conflict management. The MRT oversees the expenditure of the Clergy Crisis Funds to support pastors and their families in particular hardship. Lisa Rzepka, pastor@johncalvinpres.org and Aaron Fulp-Eickstaedt, afeickstaedt@ipcmelean.org co-chair the MRT.

Specialized – The Specialized Ministry Team deals with all the transitional and maintenance issues pertaining to minister members who are:

-serving in validated ministries
-honorably retired, and
-parish associates.

This team is responsible for validating specialized ministries within the bounds of the presbytery, receiving yearly specialized ministry reports, overseeing parish associate relationships, and ensuring IRS-related matters for specialized ministers are recorded properly. Shelby Etheridge-Harasty, associate@saintmarkpresby.org is chairing this team.

The Coordinating Commission of COM coordinates the work of these five teams. The COM and the Coordinating Commission is chaired by Stephen Smith-Cobbs, pastor@trinityherndon.org.

Staff Contact:

John Molina-Moore, General Presbyter

Jan Moody, Interim Stated Clerk

Stephen Smith-Cobbs, Chairperson
703-437-5500 Ext. 303

Coordinating Ministry Relations (MRT)
Rev. Stephen Smith-Cobbs, TE, Chair (Class of 9-1-2019) Rev. Aaron Fulp-Eicksteadt, RE, Chair (Immanuel) Class of 9-1-2020
Joan Erickson, RE, Vic Chair (Class of 9-1-21) Rev. Roy Howard, RE (Saint Mark) Class of 9-1-2021
Rev. Lyman Smith, RE CTC Co-Chair (Class of 9-1-2020) Rev. Eric Forsyth, RE (Taiwanese) Class of 9-1-2021
Harriet Hopkins, RE CTC Co-Chair (Class of 9-1-2020) Lisa Miller, TE (Fairlington) Class of 9-1-2020
Rev. Charles Booker, TE Care Team Chair (Class of 9-1-2021) Rev. Nancy Neal, RE (Member at Large) Class of 9-1-2021
Rev. Michael Burns, TE Examinations Team Chair (Class of 9-1-2020 Rev. Rose Herr Wayland, RE (Specialized) Class of 9-1-2021
Rev. Aaron Fulp-Eickstaedt, TE MRT Chair (Class of 9-1-2020)  
Rev. Shelby Etheridge Harasty TE SMT Chair (Class of 9-1-2019)  
Care Exams
Rev. Charles Booker, RE (Bethesda) (Class of 9-1-2021) Mick Burns Chair , TE (Class of 9/1/2020)
Rev. Nancy Bolan Clark, RE (Honorable Retired) (Class of 9-1-2021) Susan Q. Graceson RE (Class of 9/1/2020)
Rev. Chien-Di Hung, RE (Chesterbrook Taiwanese) (Class of 9-1-2020)  
Rev. Lisa Larsen, RE (Member at Large) (Class of 9-1-2021)  
Patrick Tarr, RE, Church, of the Covenant (Class of 9-1-2021)  
Rev. Wayne Blaser, RE (Honorable Retired) ( Class of 9-1-2021)  
Specialized Ministry (SMT) Congregational Transitions (CTC)
Rev. Larry Goleman, RE, Specialized(Class of 9-1-2019) Harriett Hopkins, Co-Chair, RE, Lewinsville (Class of 9/1/2020)
Rev. Shelby Etheridge Harasty RE, Saint Mark (Class of 9-1-2019 Lyman Smith, Co-Chair, TE (Class of 9/1/2020)
Rev. Jim Sirbaugh, RE, Honorable Retired (Class of 9-1-2019) Paul Dornan, RE, New York Avenue (Class of 9/1/2020)
Mirian Stevenson, TE, Northminster (Class of 9-1-2021) Jeri Fields, TE (Class of 9/1/2019)
Rev. Katie Strednak Singer, RE, Immanuel (Class of 9-1-2021( Alice McGinnis, RE, Colesville (Class of 9/1/2019)
  Beth Williams, TE (Class of 9/1/2020)
  Mary Ann McKibben Dana, TE (Class of 9/1/2021)
  Bryan Mickle, TE (Class of 9/1/2019)
  Jay Losher, TE (Class of 9/1/2019)
  Priscilla Andre Colton, RE, OPMH (Class of 9/1/2020)