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Church Development


Assess and recommend to the Division and then to the Presbytery matters related to a comprehensive Church Development strategy including proposed church mergers, church closures, the constitution and organization of new congregations and proposals to relocate a ministry to a new site or building.

Develop and execute New Church development strategy
Develop and execute Congregational Transformation strategy
Develop and execute Immigrant Church Development strategy
Develop and execute Equipping Congregations strategy
Develop, promote and encourage a sense of unity and community within the National Capital Presbytery

Staff Contact:
Karen Chamis, Director of Congregational Development and Mission

Class of September 1, 2019
Rev, Norman (Norm) Gordon (Stated Supply)

Class of September 1, 2020
Rev. Yena Hwang (Fairfax)
Rev. Robert Melone (Mt. Vernon)
Rev. Mary Rodgers Chair (Providence)
Rev. Alice Rose Tewell (NYA)

Class of September 1, 2021
Rev. Diane Walton Hendricks (Associate Fall Church)
Rev. John Molina-Moore (Western)
Rev. Eric Peltz (Chevy Chase)
Beth Jenkins Smith (Grace Springfield)