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The Global Mission Network is a welcoming community of congregations engaged in global missions and interested to learn more about NCP mission activities.

Are you interested to learn about global mission activities across the presbytery? Click here to download the updated Global Mission Partnership Directory. Contact Judith Dahmann (jdahmann@MITRE.org) if your congregation has a partnership you would like to be included in the directory.

Join us for bimonthly meetings where we share mission experiences with global mission and zoom with PC USA Mission coworkers and partners. We meet via Zoom. Meetings for 2022 are on Saturdays from 10AM to 1PM on:
August 13
October 8
For announcements and Zoom link contact Colette Ramm, coletteramm1@gmail.com

Highlights from the March 2022 Meeting include:

  • Presentation by Rev. Dr. Beth Braxton, New York Avenue Presbyterian Church on construction of new library in Njoro, Kenya supported by an NCP Global Mission Partnership Grant – Click here for Presentation

Three grants were awarded in December 2021

  •  Saint Mark Presbyterian Church, Reve Kandale, Congo: Windows for primary school
  • John Calvin Presbyterian Church – Kisma, Kenya -Facilities for orphan program
  • Arlington Presbyterian Church, Cameroon, Materials for construction of freshwater wells

Interested to learn more about current NCP mission activities? Click to connect with NCP mission networks for:
KenyaMark Reimers and Beth Braxton
Malawi – James Munthali
Cuba – Marilyn Seiber
Community Coalition for Haiti 

For information on current Presbyterian COVID relief efforts, contact Medical Benevolence Foundation 

Contact Judith Dahmann for information on how to create a new mission network within Global Mission Network of NCP.

Planning a mission trip and welcome others to join? Contact Judith Dahmann

Want to learn more? Contact the Leadership team:
James Munthali, (Burke) NCP Global Mission Network Leader – jakmunthali@gmail.com
Mark Reimers, (Clifton) – kibwezi@aol.com
Rhonda O’Bannon, (Old Presbyterian Meeting House) – obannonrk@gmail.com
Judith Dahmann, (Old Presbyterian Meeting House), NCP Mission Advocate – jdahmann@mitre.org
Colette Ramm, (Saint Mark) – coletteramm1@gmail.com
Roland Frenck (Darnestown), MCC Liaison – rolandfrenck@icloud.com
Tara Spuhler McCabe, Director for Congregational Development & Mission – tspuhlermccabe@thepresbytery.org