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Leadership Council

The Leadership Council shall serve as the leadership team of the Presbytery, monitoring/ adjusting/challenging/leading the total mission and program of the Presbytery. The Leadership Council shall function in (a) a generative mode, providing Biblically and spiritually grounded, missionally-oriented conversations that may, in fact, challenge the current strategic direction of the Presbytery, (b) a strategic mode, in partnership with the Committees, as they together work to establish and accomplish the goals of the Presbytery and (c) a fiduciary mode as required by law in the Leadership Council’s role as Board of Directors of National Capital Presbytery, Inc.

Shani McIlwain
Chris Deacon
Diane Walton Hendricks
Vice Moderator
Lee W. Bishop
Brian Clark
Leadership Council Member
Miriam Dewhurst
David A. Douthett
E. Quinn Fox
Teaching Elder, National Presbyterian Church - 2018 NCP Moderator
Pat Futato
Neill S. Morgan
Sterling Morse
Nancy Neal
Michael Rankin
Leadership Council Member
Le Quan Turner