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Commission on Preparation for Ministry

Meets once a month (except July and August), on the 3rd Thursday (on occasion meetings may be on the 2nd Thursday due to holidays and scheduled presbytery meetings)

Divided into 4 liaison teams, each of which is responsible for 10 – 12 candidates (total = ca. 50 candidates/year)

Each member personally responsible for 1 – 2 candidates

Required to meet with candidates at least once a year; in some stages more like 2 – 3 times/year

Examinations conducted on Saturdays; examining committee made up of members who are not on that person’s liaison team

Depending on how many examinations are being conducted, not everyone may be required to attend

Requirements for commission membership

Must be ministers, and laypersons.

It is recommended that pastors not serve during their first few years of first call.

It is a plus for elders to be serving in a congregation that has had a candidate.

Since information and some committee business are handled electronically, committee members should have e-mail (and printer access).

Staff Contact:

Jan Moody

Class of September 1, 2019

  • Dr. Freddie Asinor (Christ the King)
  • Rev. Alice Ogden Bellis (Specialized)
  • Laura Cassidy (OPMH)
  • Lewrene Glaser (National)
  • Rev. Lawrence (Larry)Greenslit (Specialized)
  • Rev. Barbara Heck (Bush Hill)
  • Andy Hendricks (Falls Church)
  • Rev. John Young Lee, (The Rock)
  • Bob Porter(First United Dale City)
  • Rev. Edward Taylor (Retired)
  • Carole Tukes-Johnson (Gaithersburg)

Class of September 1, 2020

  • Nancy Daugherty (Pilgrims)
  • Rev. Jennifer (Jen) Dunfee (Specialized)
  • Rachel Kaufmann Vice Chair (Saint Mark)
  • Victoria Pederick (Georgetown)
  • Rev. Scott Ramsey (Lewinsville)
  • Alan Wisdom (Georgetown)
  • Rev. Glenn Zuber (New Hope)

Class of September 1, 2021

  • Rev. Christopher Chatelaine-Samsen (Georgetown)
  • Warren Clayton (Grace Springfield)
  • Lucius Durden (Northminster)
  • Rev. Whitney K. Fauntleroy (Westminster Alexandria)
  • Rev. Margaret (Maggie) Hayward (Northwood)
  • Rev. Margaret (Meg) McLaughlin (Northwood)
  •  Rev. Adam Ogg (Burke)
  • Rev. Benton Trawick (Grace Springfield)
  • Rev. Charles (Van) Van Gorder Chair (Member at Large)