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Earth Care Network

What is the Earth Care Network?
• The network gathers representatives from NCP Earth Care Congregations for support, to exchange ideas, to recruit and help new members, and to work together on larger issues affecting the Presbytery.

• The NCP Earth Care Network administers the Power to Change Grant Program through the Mission Coordination Committee (MCC). Part I (application) & Part II (application)

• NCP Earth Care Network members are eager to help any congregation interested in becoming certified or applying for a grant. Contact: Elder David Kepley,  Kepley.david@gmail.com

List of PCUSA NCP Earth Care Congregations 

• The Network meets quarterly. Typically, January/February, March/April, May/June, August/September on Saturday morning 10am to noon.

NEXT MEETING: August 17 10 am – noon

What is Earth Care FAQs

  • Power to Change Grant Program
    Purpose of the grant:
    The PCUSA calls congregations to care for God’s creation and to aspire to live carbon neutral lives. The grant provides matching funds, up to $2,000 per congregation, for any of the following actions:
    ● reduce greenhouse gas emissions,
    ● conserve water and manage stormwater at churches,
    ● educate their congregation or community,
    ● support individuals or communities impacted by climate change,
    ● convert or establish gardens and grounds into sanctuaries for native species, or
    ● advocate to further any of the above actions before policy makers.Grant criteria:
    • This is a matching grant for congregations of the National Capital Presbytery. The congregation must commit to providing matching funds equal to or greater than the amount of the grant request.
    • The maximum Power to Change grant awarded to a single congregation in one year will be $2,000, to be used within two years of the receipt of funds.
    • The grant project shall have an educational component that may include examples of how the project/actions can be applied in homes of members and/or in other congregations and/or the community.
    • In the year following the grant award the NCP Earth Care Network requires the awardee to report their experience in an open forum. The report should outline how the funds were spent, intended, and attained measurable outcomes, impact on the community, and lessons learned.
    • Significant changes to approved project plans must be obtained in advance of work. If funds cannot be spent as intended, they must be returned within 12 months.
    • A congregation may submit only one application each year.
    • Grants for reimbursement of prior expenses will not be considered.


    • Applicants must complete Part I (application) & Part II (application).
    The NCP Earth Care Network will prioritize proposals based on the following:
    • Readiness—Projects that are ready to be launched may be given a higher priority than those whose launch date is further into the future.
    • Prior Power to Change Grants Recipients—Applicants who are first time applicants to this grant will be given priority over those who have been granted a Power to Change grant(s) in the past.
    • Impact—Applicants whose projects are more impactful, in terms of the amount of CO2 they eliminate, or numbers of people educated, or natural species helped, or policy decisions effectively advocated, will receive priority consideration.

Divestment from fossil fuel companies
• Fossil Free PCUSA – https://www.fossilfreepcusa.org/ 
• At the April 2021 NCP Presbytery meeting, commissioners voted to approve divestment of NCP funds from fossil fuels [National Capital Presbytery Divests from Fossil Fuels. Happy Earth Day! By Anne-Fleur Winter, from Warner Memorial Presbyterian Church, and Claire Wilson-Black, from Fairlington Presbyterian Church –  https://www.presbyterianmission.org/food-faith/ncp-divest/
• Divesting Your Personal Portfolio – “Divesting from Fossil Fuels – A Guide for Presbyterians March 2021”

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