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Administrative Commission on Congregational Property


  • Consider requests submitted by congregations to lease, encumber or sell real property as specified in G-8.0500 in the Book of Order and act on those requests as an Administrative Commission of the Presbytery. (see G-9.0500)
  • Communicate the Commission’s actions and the requirements of G-8.0500 to the Presbytery at every stated meeting of the Presbytery.
  • Recommend to the Presbytery, following review and comment from the Administrative Division and the Council, any changes in policy it judges appropriate which need the Presbytery’s approval.
  • Develop, promote and encourage a sense of unity and community within the National Capital Presbytery.

Staff Contact:
Heather Deacon

Class of September 1, 2024
Rev. Eric Beckman
Ronald Flowers
Rev. Judith Michaels

Class of September 1, 2025
Noel de Santos
Rev. LeAnn Hodges

Class of September 1, 2026
Rev. Erin Counihan
John Hagner
Michael McAdoo, Chair