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Equipping Leaders

Equipping Leaders – “We challenge, equip and support our congregations and their leaders in their discernment of God’s invitation to discipleship.” – NCP VISION STATEMENT

Transformation in a Multicultural Church – When a visit to Presbytery by the Reverend Dr. Jacqui Lewis was arranged, the Transformation Team anticipated a good, full room to attend her workshop and hear her Open Space presentation. The response was Standing Room Only! And the response continues with Open Spaces prior all Presbytery meetings. Before the end of this year, Church Development hopes to create the NCP Multicultural Church Network to facilitate education, mutual support and the ongoing transformation of these fast growing multicultural congregations.

By bringing together those who are engaged in multicultural ministry, National Capital Presbytery is providing space for innovation. When multicultural church people meet questions are posed and responses are discussed. There is vitality and humor in the air – these leaders recognize: honest conversation matters. In fact, by listening to a congregation’s journey into the “unknowns” of multicultural church life, hints shape another congregation as they are becoming gracefully multicultural.

A further opportunity presented by NCP to Multicultural congregation begins next year (2015). The Well is an 18 month to 2 year program of transformation. Eight congregations are invited to The Well; these congregations exhibit a variety of challenges and potentials: some are blending different neighborhood groups, while others attract various ethnicities, and others seek to work across generational lines. Working with consultants, PneuMatrix, leaders from these congregations will explore the approach of Adaptive Change, experiment with that process, and seek the Spirit’s renewing presence within the congregation.

NCP’s goal with this mission investment: cultivation of transforming congregations…who persistently seek more transformation!

For more information on Church Transformation contact:
Chair of CDC’s Transformation Team, Diane Hendricks, DWHendricks@aol.com

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Remember, we can do more together to serve God and demonstrate the love revealed in Jesus Christ than any of us can do separately. Together we are making a difference!