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How Can Your Congregation Support NCP Mission?

Most congregations support presbytery mission financially through “unified mission giving” to the Presbytery and General Assembly through the church budget. Find out from your Session how much your congregation allocates for presbytery mission annually, and encourage annual reviews of this allocation.

Some congregations also support NCP mission through designated mission giving to specific projects.

It is also possible for individuals to support NCP mission directly, either with a unified mission gift to support the mission budget, or through a designated gift for a specific project. If you are interested in making a gift as an individual, Heather Deacon at hdeacon@thepresbytery.org or 240.514.5359.

How Can You Get Involved in NCP Mission?

Hundreds of Presbyterians in NCP are involved annually in carrying out mission and ministry projects locally, nationally, and internationally, through committees, teams, and task-forces. NCP serves to bring people together to help make connections and discover new opportunities to work in partnership and collaboration, because together we can do more than we are able by ourselves.

Here is a partial list of teams and committees, with their key contact people:

Urban MinistryDavid Milam

Young Adult Ministry/Campus Ministries: Marcia Farabee, Rachel Pacheco

Earth Care: Mark Eakin

Peace and Justice Advocacy 

Global Mission Network: James Munthali, Judith Dahmann

Israel/Palestine: Paul Verduin

Cuba Network: Marilyn Seiber

Remember, we can do more together to serve God and demonstrate the love revealed in Jesus Christ than any of us can do separately. Together we are making a difference!

*Grants include: One Such Child, Affordable Housing, Peacemaking, Garden, Disaster/Emergency Assistance Grants, Earth Care, Local Mission Initiative, Community Organizing Matching Grant, One Great Hour of Sharing, Hunger Fund/Cents Ability