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Being Missional Pastoral Prophetic

This season Mission Highlights will review WHAT it means to be “Missional – Pastoral – Prophetic” in National Capital Presbytery. We will share 4 videos throughout 2020-2021 addressing each component. Our first offering, “Being Missional-Pastoral-Prophetic” is an overview of the 3 components.

Our videos are shared at Presbytery Meetings (also accessible through www.thepresbytery.org);  through NCP’s YouTube Channel, Facebook Page, Instagram and Twitter.

For information about Mission Programs of National Capital Presbytery contact Tara Spuhler McCabe, Transitional Director of Congregational Development and Mission

LaJuan Quander, Communication
Tara Spuhler McCabe, Mission

MISSIONAL – based on the Latin “missio” which means sending. A missional church is an outwardly focused church. A Missional church understands that its ministry is not to bring people IN to a church building, but rather to “Go ye therefore into the world” and to meet people where they are. But that explains how churches are Missional. How can a Presbytery be Missional? The Presbytery isn’t Missional… however it does empower its congregations to become more outward focused. It does so by being a catalyst and providing tools and training…The Presbytery is also Missional when it enables new worshipping communities.

PASTORAL is the way in which we care for our clergy, educators, congregations and assist in crisis situations.

Being PROPHETIC doesn’t mean predicting the future – it refers to calling out the status quo. In response to this focus for the Presbytery to be prophetic, we assembled a team of twenty-four individuals from across the Presbytery to work on Confronting Racism.
After a year of working together, this team has submitted a report for implementation by the Presbytery. The Presbytery is also Prophetic through its networks – Earth Care, Israel-Palestine, Refugee Ministry and the Affordable Housing Network.