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Mission Statement

Sent by the Triune God to be agents of salvation, reconciliation and justice, we empower and challenge our congregations to be Missional, Pastoral and Prophetic.

“God is doing a new thing, now it springs forth. Do you perceive it?” Isaiah 43:19

Emphases through 2022

We are a relational network, proclaiming the gospel, aspiring to unity in Christ, and celebrating our diversity in service to God’s mission pursuing these emphases:

  1. We will challenge, equip, and support our congregations and their leaders in their discernment of God’s invitation to discipleship and stewardship as we:a. Serve as a catalyst for mission by connecting congregations with common local, national, and international mission interests.
    b. Bear public witness to the love, truth, and justice of God in Jesus Christ specifically in the areas of racism and reconciliation.
    c. Cultivate and nurture our congregations to be communities of love striving for a healthy forgiveness and reconciliation with our neighbors, and working to dismantle the dividing walls of hostility and indifference.
    d. Provide a forum for our leaders and congregations to equip them with the skills for adaptive change
    e. Connect ruling elders across congregations enriching their missional identity as apostles sent into the world to serve God’s mission.
    f. Actively explore new ways of empowering and equipping congregations in their discipleship formation of children, youth, young and older adults.
  2. We will launch new Christian communities.
  3. We will provide care, oversight and accountability for teaching elders and certified educators.

Click here 2018 Mission Statement in PDF format