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March 21 2019 Thursday Mail

The next edition of the Thursday Mail is scheduled for April 11 2019. Submissions are due to the editor no later than Monday, 9:00 a.m., April 8. If you would like to receive the link to the Thursday Mail send your request to lquander@thepresbytery.org

March 21 Thursday Mail – (all at once)

Thursday Mail by page:


Karen’s Korner
Karen Chamis, Acting Head of Staff
Director, of Church Development & Mission

Going Deeper: Spiritual Life and Leadership
Shalem Institute

Join a Super Team!
Church Development Committee

Ancient Ethiopia and the New Testament
Led by the Rev. Dr. Gay Byron
March 22, and May 3 – Northminster Presbyterian Church

Responding in Faith to Trauma, Suffering and Violence
A Weekend with Dr. Shelly Rambo
Author of Resurrecting Wounds: Living in the Afterlife of Trauma
March 23 and 24 – New York Avenue Presbyterian Church

Sixth Annual Guest Preacher Weekend
Featuring Dr. Eric D. Barreto, Weyerhauser Assoc. Professor of New Testament,
Princeton Theological Seminary
March 24 – Georgetown Presbyterian Church

Palestinian Daoud Nassar’s Tent of Nations Ministry and US
Support Group

Open Space with former NCP Moderator Bill Plitt
March 26 – National Presbyterian Church

NCP Confronting Racism Task Force
Listening Project (Open Space)
March 26 – National Presbyterian Church

Kenya Mission Network Conference
March 28-30 – Westminster Presbyterian Church, Alexandria, VA

Jazz in the Sanctuary
March 30 – John Calvin Presbyterian Church

The Sargent Gospel-Aires 38th Anniversary Concert
March 30 – Sargent Memorial Presbyterian Church

Morning of Music and Mystery
March 31 – Fairfax Presbyterian Church

NCP Global Grants Program – Matching Grants Proposals
March 31 (deadline for submission)

Chanting the Psalms as a Spiritual Practice
A Service of Lenten Worship
April 3 – Northminster Presbyterian Church

Troubling the Waters: for the Healing of the World (#GoodTrouble)
2019 CPJ Training Day
April 5 – New York Avenue Presbyterian Church

A View from the Underside: The Legacy of Dietrich Bonhoeffer
A One-Person Play Adapted and Performed by Al Staggs
April 6 – Saint Mark Presbyterian Church

World View from Eleanor Giddings Ivory
Tower: The Life and Times of a Religious Advocate
sponsored by Black Presbyterian United of NCP (BPU)
April 28 – Southminster Presbyterian Church

Planned Giving DAYS
May 23-24 – Key Bridge Marriott, Arlington, VA
NCP Stewardship Committee is offering Scholarships to attend this conference!


Presbyterian Youth Triennium 2019
July 16-20 – Purdue University

APA 2019 National Conference
October 23-25, 2019 – Charlotte, NC

Community Coalition for Haiti
Travel to Haiti and Share your Skills
May 25 – June 1

Elisabeth Von Trapp
2018-2019 Presbyterian Church Concert Tour