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April 11 2019 Thursday Mail

The next edition of the Thursday Mail is scheduled for April 25 2019. Submissions are due to the editor no later than Monday, 9:00 a.m., April 22. If you would like to receive the link to the Thursday Mail send your request to lquander@thepresbytery.org

April 11 Thursday Mail – (all at once)

Thursday Mail by page:


April Birthday Greetings

Karen’s Korner
Karen Chamis, Acting Head of Staff

Clerks’ Tip of the Month
Sara Coe, Stated Clerk

Quill of the Clerk
March Presbytery Meeting Summary
Sara Coe, Stated Clerk

The Enneagram – A Workshop for Everyone!
Led by Barbara Jaquette, MSW
April 27 – Saint Mark Presbyterian Church

Ancient Ethiopia and the New Testament
Led by the Rev. Dr. Gay Byron
May 3 – Northminster Presbyterian Church

EAPCE EVENT “Parenting: Teaching Children About Faith”
Worship Leader: The Rev. Karen Chamis
May 6-8 – Rhodes Grove Conference Center, Chambersburg, PA
EAPCE Scholarship Form
Spiritual Formation Team is also offering scholarships!

World View from Eleanor Giddings Ivory
Tower: The Life and Times of a Religious Advocate
sponsored by Black Presbyterian United of NCP (BPU)
April 28 – Southminster Presbyterian Church

Planned Giving DAYS
May 23-24 – Key Bridge Marriott, Arlington, VA
NCP Stewardship Committee is offering Scholarships to attend this conference!

Stewardship Kaleidoscope 2019
“The Pulse of Generosity: Vital Signs of A Healthy Steward
September 30-October 2 – San Diego, CA
NCP Stewardship Committee is offering Scholarships to attend this conference!

Free Presbyterian Hymnals
Berwyn Presbyterian Church

Connect Our Kids
Idylwood Presbyterian Church

Cuba Educational and Mission Trip
Bradley Hills Presbyterian Church
November 6-13


Presbyterian Youth Triennium 2019
July 16-20 – Purdue University

APA 2019 National Conference
October 23-25, 2019 – Charlotte, NC

Community Coalition for Haiti
Travel to Haiti and Share your Skills
May 25 – June 1

Elisabeth Von Trapp
2018-2019 Presbyterian Church Concert Tour