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Warren Clayton, Ruling Elder
Grace Presbyterian Church, Springfield, VA

Age: 65+

Theological Spectrum: Moderate

In the past 2 years, how often have you attended Presbytery meetings: 4-5 meetings, including hosting an open space

Local church responsibilities: Session; clerk; co-chair of PNC; Special Funds Committee

Presbytery responsibilities: Session Records Committee; Meadowkirk Board; CPM (since 2015); COM Liaison to Westminster Presbyterian Church APNC

Other governing body responsibilities (past and present): None

Special skills, knowledge, expertise in relevant areas and compute competency include language(s) other than English: Writing (reports, strategic plans, proposals, etc.); general computer competency

Community involvement (Name nor more than three): Neighborhood Watch; Youth soccer coach; Cub scout leader

What do you believe are the key theological/social issues currently facing the church and society, and how they shape your experience in the church:
We live in a world where the medium is often more prominent than the message. Social platforms make us painfully aware where justice is required and where human needs are great. So, how do we convey the urgency for both among believers in a way that reflects the Gospel and prompts us to follow in both the church and society? That is the greatest theological challenge for the church.

Please indicate why you want to represent National Capital Presbytery at the General Assembly:
Though not planned, there has been a steady growth in my involvement in church and presbytery affairs. I believe there is a continued growth and service opportunity by representing NCP at the General Assembly.