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Jesy Littlejohn (Pronouns: They/Them) is an Elder at Oaklands Presbyterian Church and is presently serving as the Clerk of Session. Jesy also wears the hat of Office Manager at Oaklands, and in that role has been instrumental in the smooth transition of moving worship from being in person to online.

Jesy has stepped into their call in National Capital Presbytery in the last few years and has been an active voice in the continued mission of the Presbytery. In February 2021, Jesy completed a 6-month Anti-Racism Practices for Faithful leadership training through NEXTChurch. Jesy is working with the New Thing committee to create a new worshipping community for LGBTQIA+ people in NCP, specifically in the Laurel, MD area. Jesy is also engaged in the Spiritual Formation, T2, and Worship and Theology committees within National Capital Presbytery.

In March of 2021, Jesy became a trained coach with the Holmes Coaching Group and the International Coaching Federation. Jesy  believes very much that we are all naturally creative, resourceful, and whole—AND that the Spirit is working through us in very powerful ways. They are trained in leading and welcome the opportunity to coach small group and individual sessions. Jesy is eager to come alongside you in your journey——to help you to see the tools you have in your back pocket, front pocket, and under your hat!”