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Edward Jones, Sr (Alternate)
Ruling Elder (Faith Presbyterian Church)
Age: 80+

Theological Spectrum: Moderate

In the past 2 years, how often have you attended Presbytery meetings: All

Local church responsibilities: (past and present) Moderator Men’s Association, Deacon/Moderator of Deacon Board, Chairperson Nominating Committee, Member of Building & Grounds Committee, Chairperson of the Culinary Committee. Chairperson of New Members Orientation

Presbytery responsibilities: (past and present) Ruling Elder Commissioner, Member of Ministers’ Care Team, Deacon’s Training Instructor BPU.

Special skills, knowledge, expertise in relevant areas and compute competency include language(s) other than English: Certified Military Instructor, Conference Leadership Training, Served as Staff Member of General Officer’s Staff, US Army, Company Commander, US Army, Member of an employee 0wned company Stock Advisory Board. Fifty-eight years with the United States Department of Defense (DoD); twenty-eight (28) years active duty, US Army and thirty (30) as consulting contractor.

Community involvement: Team Captain, Neighborhood Watch

Please share what you believe are the key theological/social issues currently facing the church and society, and how they shape your experience in the church: I believe the key dominate issues includes:  Church finances ,decreasing membership, attracting /keeping young members and the reluctance to address societal ills such as alcoholism, racial injustice, mental illness, etc.  

Please indicate why you want to represent National Capital Presbytery at the General Assembly: As an Elder in the PCUSA it is my duty to respond to the call of leadership.  This is an opportunity for me to represent my Presbytery and I am honored to offer myself in this role.  Also, I am interested in the denomination’s system of government.  Serving as a delegate will not only afford me the opportunity to increase my knowledge but also to experience the Presbytery’s work across the diverse cultures.   I also believe that with my broad experience and existing knowledge, I have something to offer.