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Dina Bickel, Administrative Coordinator
Dina comes to NCP with over five years of church administration experience. Prior to this work, she was a stay-at-home mother and a planner/architect at a local architecture firm. Dina holds a BS and MS in Architecture from the University of Maryland, College Park. She brings church administrative skills and a flexible nature to the presbytery and looks forward to working with ministers and congregations.

Dina resides in Kensington, Maryland with her husband and three children. While two are in college, Dina enjoys playing tennis and watching her children compete in sports.

Email: dbickel@thepresbytery.org
phone: 240-514-5351

Resourcing our Congregations
Dina provides administrative, organizational, and managerial functions for the Committee on Ministry i.e., assisting PNCs as they navigate Church Leadership Connect (CLC) pastors in transition, Commission on the Preparation for Ministry i.e., assisting with inquirers and candidates, Leadership Council, and Nominating Committee. Working together with the Communication office, Dina creates promotional material for all social media platforms.