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Cindy Matsiko, Ruling Elder (YAAD)
Bradley Hills Presbyterian Church
Age: 18

Theological Spectrum: Moderate

In the past 2 years, how often have you attended presbytery meetings? Never

Local Church responsibility: Served as past youth elder

Presbytery responsibility: None

Special skills, knowledge, expertise in relevant areas and computer competency include language(s) other than English: Basic use of word, excel and computers in general. I know an average amount of Spanish.

Community Involvement (no more than three): Student at University of Delaware, former club leader for the Hearts for Haiti club, former intern at National Center for Children and Families

What you believe are the key theological/social issues currently facing the church and society, and how they shape your experience in the church:
I think some key issues facing the church today are overall diversity of the church, keeping youth interested and involved in the church, and connecting the youth with the older generations of the church as they are a great source to learn from each other. The older generation is able to learn from the youth of the church especially in accepting people with different views, ideas while the youth have a lot to learn as well.

Some key issues society is facing today are the ongoing climate crisis, diversity in governing bodies, schools, sports and other parts of society to mention a few. These issues have shaped my experience in the church because I have been able to see what the church can accomplish when it comes together and unites over a specific agreed upon issue for example the annual fall cleanup that our church hosts promoting the cleaning up of our planet and seeing this every year growing up has instilled the importance of this issue in me from a young age.

Please indicate why you want to represent National Capital Presbytery at the General Assembly:
I want to represent the National Capital Presbytery at the General Assembly because I think all the values that NCP represents are very important and I think it is important to have a diverse view of perspectives and have someone, like me represent the ideas of the youth of the church. I also believe I have a lot to learn about the National Capital Presbytery and can learn more about its processes at the General Assembly while being a good representative.