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Submission of Overtures for 226th General Assembly

June 25-27 (online committee meetings)
June 30 –July 4, 2024 (in-person plenary, Salt Lake City, UT)

Deadlines for Submission to the Bills and Overtures Committee of Overtures and Requests for Concurrences with Other Presbyteries’ Overtures for the 226th General Assembly:

February 26, 2024 for:
a. Amendments to the Book of Order,
b. Overtures seeking an authoritative interpretation of the Book of Order, and
c. First concurrence for overtures with constitutional implications.

April 26, 2024 for:
a. Overtures with financial implications, and
b. First concurrence for overtures with financial implications.

May 11, 2024
All other overtures and for all concurrences with other presbyteries’ other overtures.

Remember: all overtures must have a concurrence from at least one other presbytery to be considered by the General Assembly. Responsibility for obtaining a concurrence is with the session bringing the overture. Because many presbyteries have few meetings a year, it would be good to begin early to obtain a concurrence from another presbytery.

General Assembly Calendar here.