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Stated Supply Pastor for Redevelopment-Full-Time

Northwood Presbyterian is seeking a full-time stated supply pastor who can shepherd us through our redevelopment process with support from National Capital Presbytery and Motley Waller, LLC, our legal service provider. We need a pastor who possesses expertise that...

Designated Pastor

Designated Pastor (Three-quarter-time) Christ Presbyterian Church is a small but diverse church along a major highway west of Fairfax City. The church was chartered in 1958 and in this location since 1968. Theologically, we range from traditional to liberal, and our...

Part-time Stated Supply Pastor

Berwyn Presbyterian Church is a diverse church with members hailing from various states, the Caribbean islands, and numerous countries in Africa. We are searching for a part-time Stated Supply Pastor with the gift of leading God’s children during the challenging time...