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The Stewardship Committee of National Capital Presbytery is committed to bringing our constituents’ workshops, seminars and events that will be helpful in congregational programming and resourcing. Here you will find all hand-outs and information from workshops presented by the committee for use by ALL NCP congregations.

Workshops and Events:

2018 – April 5 – Stewardship Committee of NCP brings you a webinar on Planned Giving for Churches. Led by Karl Mattison.
WHAT IS IT? How big is the opportunity (it is quite big) and what can it mean for future ministry?
THE CHALLENGE. There are headwinds. Why so? Yet we have a unique advantage.
MAKING A PLAN. Build a plan using your advantage.
RESOURCES. Don’t start from scratch. Adapt and use great resources.

2016 – Stewardship Kaleidoscope – “Real Tools for Real Ministry”
February 29 – March 2, 2016 – San Antonio, TX

2015 – Teaching and Guiding Stewardship with Mark Ewert
A Roundtable Event (presentation includes links for videos)

2014 – Generational Stewardship Seminar – Karl Travis
– Generations and Stewardship 2014
– Generations Theory and the Church 2014
– Gifts to the Church – Generations
– Generations Theory and Worship Handout Version

2013 – Not Your Parents Offering Plate – J. Clif Christopher
2013 – Rich Church Poor Church – J. Clif Christopher

2012 – E-Giving Workshop– Karl Mattison
Stewardship and Generations– K. Travis