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We will use this space to provide information regarding COVID-19 as it is made available.  We will post links to resources that offer guidance, protocols and best practices for virtual community as we navigate social distancing.

From National Capital:

Resuming Indoor Public Worship Panel Discussion – June 3, 2021 (Recording)

From Decision Making to Discernment – from the Congregational Consulting Group,

FAQ on COVID and Church Building Use PC(USA) Legal Services – June, 2021

Returning to Public Worship: Theological and Practical Considerations – PCUSA, May, 2021

Letter from the General Presbyter and the Leadership Council – Guidance on in person gatherings (September 17 2020)

Letter from the General Presbyter – recommendation on meeting for in person worship (June 4 2020)

Plans for the May 26, 2020 Presbytery Meeting and An Update on Presbytery Worship and Meeting Guidance (April 29 2020)

Letter from the Leadership Council of National Capital Presbytery (March 31 2020)

Recommendations from the Leadership of National Capital Presbytery (March 13 2020)

March 24 2020 Presbytery Meeting is cancelled –  Letter from the General Presbyter

Message from the Director of Communication

Guidance for Electronic Meetings – Stated Clerk, Sara Coe

On Baptism and Ordination in a Time of Pandemic (August 2020)

Planning a Virtual Congregational Meeting (Seattle Presbytery, September 2020)

Financial Guidance

Responding to a Shortfall in Revenue During the Coronavirus Crisis
Jon Moore, Mission Engagement Advisor, Presbytery Mission Agency (3-28-2020)

Message from the Board of Pensions (PCUSA) – Regarding coronavirus, COVID-19 coverage

Online Giving Program – Presbyterian Foundation


Preparedness for Pandemics (includes guidance/procedures/rules)

PCUSA, Stated Clerk, J. Herbert Nelson, says don’t rush to get back into a church building for worship (June 9, 2020)

SIMPLIFIED SPECIAL RULES OF ORDER AND STANDING RULES – For Electronic Meetings Using Zoom Technology (4/14/2020)

Guidance for Electronic Meetings – Stated Clerk, Sara Coe (4-14-2020/3-19-2020)

Pastoral Message regarding the coronavirus from Stated Clerk of the General Assembly, J. Herbert Nelson, II, and President/Executive Director of the Presbyterian Mission Agency, Diane Moffett

Advisory opinion from the Office of the General Assembly (Church in Emergency/Pandemic)

COVID-19  Pastoral Statement

Considering Faith, Community, and Mental Health During the COVID-19 Crisis (5/11/2020)
for Faith-based Community Leaders

Communication Resources from the CDC 

Guidance for Congregations (preparedness for pandemics)

COVID-19 resources for churches and individuals (PCUSA)

COVID-19: Recommended Preventative Practices and FAQs – Updated 5/11/2020
for Faith-based and Community Leaders

Medical Benevolence Foundation – contact for  information on current Presbyterian COVID relief efforts

From the Stated Clerk of General Assembly of the PCUSA

Preparedness for Pandemics (Presbyterian Disaster Assistance)

Pandemic Plan (sample)

Technical Guidance/Tip

ZOOM Meeting Safety (3/26/2020)

NEXT Church put out three blogs this week that help orient people to online meetings: 
1. Basic Tech Tips
2. Participant Tips
3. Facilitation Tips
You can view them all here: https://nextchurch.net/blog/