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David A. McClung, Esq. Chairperson, Leadership Council, National Capital Presbytery, Elder, Darnestown Presbyterian Church—Talents/Gifts to Leadership Council: A ruling elder at Darnestown Presbyterian Church, Darnestown, MD, Dave has served on Session for four terms, served as Clerk of Session for one term and has served as Trustee and Deacon at other Presbyterian churches. He has been active on the Building Expansion and Restoration Committee, Membership and Outreach Committee, and an array of other committees over his family’s 25 + years of active membership. Dave enjoys singing in the Chancel Choir, and has moved from tenor baritone to bass baritone. Dave has participated in several courses with the Reformed Institute, and has had the wonderful experience of visiting Geneva and walking in the footsteps and pathways of Calvin and the Reformation Fathers. Dave is an attorney, and recently retired with over 40 years in the financial services industry. His career has included various administrative, managerial and executive positions with a primary focus in Trust and Wealth Management services.