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Submission of Overtures for 224th General Assembly

June 20-27, 2020 – Baltimore, Maryland

Deadlines for Submission to the Bills and Overtures Committee of Overtures and Requests for Concurrences with Other Presbyteries’ Overtures for the 224th General Assembly:

November 30, 2019 for:
a. Amendments to the Book of Order,
b. Overtures seeking an authoritative interpretation of the Book of Order, and
c. All requests for concurrences with other presbyteries’ overtures amending the Book of Order or seeking an authoritative interpretation.

January 31, 2020 for:
All other overtures and for all requests for concurrences with other presbyteries’ other overtures.

Remember: all overtures must have a concurrence from at least one other presbytery to be considered by the General Assembly. Responsibility for obtaining a concurrence is with the session bringing the overture. Because many presbyteries have few meetings a year, it would be good to begin early to obtain a concurrence from another presbytery.