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The Spiritual Formation Team  Grant – The purpose of the grant is to provide financial resources to support and strengthen new or existing spiritual formation/educational opportunities including programs, events, trainings, or gatherings. As part of the application and evaluation process, the Spiritual Formation Team of the National Capital Presbytery desires to be partners in the good work you are doing through mutual accountability. Criteria for receiving grants is included in the application link.  Submit an application.

Spiritual Formation Team Scholarship – The Spiritual Formation Team is committed to assisting educators, pastors, youth leaders, and lay leaders to attend regional or national conferences, training events, or programs that help support their own spiritual formation and continued learning in order to serve their member churches and National Capital Presbytery. Scholarships are given to cover (or partially cover) the registration fee of the conference or event. One scholarship is offered per year per recipient. Submit an application

For more information contact any team member:
Noelle Castin – ncastin@opmh.org
Jen James – presbyjen@gmail.com 
Shani McIlwain – info@shanimcilwain.com
Matt Nabinger – Matt@bradleyhillschurch.org –Team Chairperson
Daniel Thomas – danielcthomasjr@gmail.com
Gloria Yi – gloriayoungjooyi@gmail.com

Tara Spuhler McCabe, Staff: tspuhlermccabe@thepresbytery.org