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Open Space Topics – January 2020

Any topic that serves the Presbytery’s purpose to “empower and challenge our congregations to be missional, pastoral, and prophetic” is fair game. Please refer to OPEN SPACE GUIDELINES PRIOR TO SUBMITTING A TOPIC.

Here’s how it works: Send your group topic and leadership to LaJuan Quander. Please include leader’s email and phone number. The topics post here, so that others can see what group topics are being proposed. PLEASE REFER TO OPEN SPACE GUIDELINES.

REMINDER: Bring your own materials and equipment to open space. Presbytery nor National Church will supply laptops, screens, projectors, etc. To reserve space or if you have questions about space email Jan Moody.

Orientation to National Capital Presbytery and Its Meetings
Are you new to presbytery meetings and not sure what to expect? Are you unclear exactly what the presbytery is, how it is organized, what it does, how to get involved? You will learn answers to these questions and more at the Orientation to National Capital Presbytery.
Sara Coe
Leadership Embodiment for the Church - Drawing upon her experience in the secular Mindfulness world and studies in Yoga & Contemplation, Kirsten Melone will present on what it means to be a leader who is in tune with their mind, body and spirit. (a spiritual formation team offering)
Kirsten Melone
MRTI Report to 2020 GA - a discussion of the report that the PC(USA)’s Committee for Mission Responsibility Through Investment (MRTI) will present at the 2020 GA.

Many churches and individuals in the NCP have shown strong interest in climate justice and would probably welcome a chance to read and discuss the MRTI report. Steve Webb (RE at United Christian Parish of Reston) would lead the discussion. He is a member of MRTI Committee and for four years has been on the Environment and Climate Changed subcommittee that had a major role in preparing the report. More information here
Elder Steve Webb, UCP Reston
A Fishbowl Dialogue on “Eviscerating Racism” with the MCC Race and Reconciliation Team - In the spirit of the Montreat Co-Inspire Conference and the declarations made from the Co-Inspire Purpose Statement in the excerpt above, members of the Mission Coordinating Committee’s Race and Reconciliation Team, who attended the conference, were asked to commit to bringing some of our learnings back to our environment that will begin the whole Church thinking about what is needed to “eviscerate” racism in our families, our communities, our local congregations, the larger church, and ultimately our world. The MCC Race and Reconciliation Team would like to offer the following four questions in a fishbowl forum with people of color and whites and to ask them to share with and listen to one another’s responses in this setting, using the following questions. We will end by asking each participant to commit to one task over the next 2 months, then returning to our fishbowl at our March Presbytery Open Space to share new insights. More information hereMCC Race and Reconciliation Team
Ongoing exposures of sexual abuse within faith communities is changing our relationship to culture. As Ruth Everhart says in her new book — “On a societal level, the word church no longer means trustworthy, not even for true believers.” How is your church dealing with this reality? We will discuss Everhart's new book — THE #MeToo RECKONING: Facing the Church’s Complicity in Sexual Abuse and Misconduct. The book's ten chapters work with scripture in an in-depth way. We will discuss how churches can use these texts to become safer and braver spaces. Copies will be available for sale.
Rev. Ruth Everhart
“Presbyterians in Cuba: Then and Now" - In this open space, we will share with those attending the deep and abiding relationship between Cuban and U.S. Presbyterians and the potential for these relationships to be part of reconciliation between two estranged nations.Jim Baer, Elder Christ Presbyterian Church, Fairfax, VA and Marilyn Seiber, coordinator of the Cuba partnership, New York Avenue Presbyterian Church, DC