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Open Space Topics – May 21, 2019

Any topic that serves the Presbytery’s purpose to “empower and challenge our congregations to be missional, pastoral, and prophetic” is fair game. Please refer to OPEN SPACE GUIDELINES PRIOR TO SUBMITTING A TOPIC.

Here’s how it works: Send your group topic and leadership to LaJuan Quander,lquander@thepresbytery.org . Please include leader’s email and phone number. The topics post here, so that others can see what group topics are being proposed. PLEASE REFER TO OPEN SPACE GUIDELINES.

REMINDER: Bring your own materials and equipment to open space. Presbytery nor National Church will supply laptops, screens, projectors, etc. Toreserve space or if you have questions about space email Jan Moody.

Orientation to National Capital Presbytery and Its Meetings
Are you new to presbytery meetings and not sure what to expect? Are you unclear exactly what the presbytery is, how it is organized, what it does, how to get involved? You will learn answers to these questions and more at the Orientation to National Capital Presbytery.
Karen Chamis
How the Virginia Coalition for Human Rights is Preventing Pro-Israel Groups From Politicizing K-12 Textbooks in Virginia Schools
Kathy Drinkard, a retired teacher and elementary school counselor, currently chairs the Ministry for Middle East Peace and Justice at Grace Presbyterian Church in Springfield, Va,, Kathy is also an active participant in the Virginia Coalition for Human Rights, and a key player in its remarkably successful efforts to prevent the publishers of Virginia school textbooks and classroom materials from inaccurately and unfairly slanting their publications toward a biased and inaccurate pro-Israel portrayal of the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict, at the expense of Palestinian rights. In the Choir Room 4-5 pm. Join us, and bring your questions! Sponsored by the Israel-Palestine Mission Network of the National Capital Presbytery.
Kathy Drinkard, Paul Verduin
The Pastor’s Involvement in Stewardship
Stewardship is critical to any congregation, both for its financial sustainability and for the spiritual health of its members. Often the focus of budgets and finance is led by laity. Yet pastors have an important role to play in successful stewardship. Sponsored by our Presbytery’s Stewardship Team. Join Rev. David Gray of Bradley Hills Presbyterian Church for a discussion, group sharing, and lessons learned about the role of the pastor in church stewardship.
David Gray and members of the NCP Stewardship Committee
Jesus was a great story-teller, and knew the power of a narrative to deliver a theological point. What works for you, as a preacher, teacher or listener? Narrative sermons can be effective, as can excerpts from novels and short stories in adult education classes. David Williams and Henry Brinton will share their experiences and lead a discussion in which clergy and laity can learn from each other. David is the pastor of Poolesville Presbyterian Church and author of the novel When the English Fall; Henry is the pastor of Fairfax Presbyterian Church and author of the novel City of Peace.
David Williams and Henry Brinton