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Open Space Topics – November 19, 2019

Any topic that serves the Presbytery’s purpose to “empower and challenge our congregations to be missional, pastoral, and prophetic” is fair game. Please refer to OPEN SPACE GUIDELINES PRIOR TO SUBMITTING A TOPIC.

Here’s how it works: Send your group topic and leadership to LaJuan Quander. Please include leader’s email and phone number. The topics post here, so that others can see what group topics are being proposed. PLEASE REFER TO OPEN SPACE GUIDELINES.

REMINDER: Bring your own materials and equipment to open space. Presbytery nor National Church will supply laptops, screens, projectors, etc. To reserve space or if you have questions about space email Jan Moody.

Orientation to National Capital Presbytery and Its Meetings
Are you new to presbytery meetings and not sure what to expect? Are you unclear exactly what the presbytery is, how it is organized, what it does, how to get involved? You will learn answers to these questions and more at the Orientation to National Capital Presbytery.
Sara Coe
The #MeToo Reckoning: Facing the Church’s Complicity in Sexual Abuse and Misconduct
How is your church responding to the sexual abuse crisis within faith communities? How can you even begin to approach such a difficult, tender and timely topic?

Come to be introduced to a new book written by Ruth Everhart, a minister member of NCP. The book relates ten true stories of abuse within church contexts and pairs each one with a biblical narrative. The book has particular resonance for NCP because six of the abuse stories occurred in PCUSA churches — one within this presbytery.

Guaranteed to provide fodder for preaching, plus plenty of discussion material for your Adult Ed, young adult, women’s or men’s ministries. For those of you who are brave enough, it will make a powerful and timely all-church read. Published by InterVarsity Press. You can read all 16 endorsements at https://www.ivpress.com/the-https://www.ivpress.com/the-metoo-reckoning.

Copies will be for sale (in advance of the official release date, which is January 14, 2020). Special pricing for NCP: $12 each, 2/$22, 3/$30.

For more info, visit www.rutheverhart.com or email Ruth at rutheverhart@me.com.

Ruth Everhart
Leadership Embodiment for the Church - Drawing upon her experience in the secular Mindfulness world and studies in Yoga & Contemplation, Kirsten Melone will present on what it means to be a leader that is in tune with their mind, body and spirit.Kirsten Melone