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During the November 16 Presbytery meeting we will be voting on both the FY2022 Operating Budget and the FY2022 Mission Budget. In consideration of the challenges inherent in doing important work via Zoom meetings, Leadership and Presbytery staff have taken  steps to assist you in reading and understanding the budgets prior to the November meeting.
WE offer the FY Budget in a video presentation form and invite you to an open space for Q & A. Below is the link to the video presentation, the 2022 Operating and Mission Budget for vote.

The  FY2022 Budget Presentation – Video
2022 Operating Budget – HERE
2022 Mission Budget – HERE
Narrative Budget –2021 IMPACT

At 4:00pm on November 16, via Zoom, there will be an Open Space facilitated by members of Budget and Finance, representatives from Mission Coordination Committee (MCC), Congregational Development Commission (CDC) and NCP staff to answer questions about the proposed Operating and Mission Budgets.

The budgets are included in the presbytery packet posted here beginning Friday, November 5, 2021. Watching the video with a copy of the budget in hand provides the best opportunity to understand the Committee’s work and recommendations. The Open Space then is the opportunity for Q and A before the meeting.