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Global Partnership

Global Mission – “We serve as a catalyst for mission by connecting congregations with common local, national and international mission interests.” – NCP VISION STATEMENT

Global Partnership – “Partnership through Networks”

Presbytery’s Cuba Network Gives T-Shirts to First Havana The newly-formed National Capital Presbytery Cuba Partners Network received the first Global Mission Network grant, $1,000, to provide 163 baseball and tai chi t-shirts to the First Presbyterian-Reformed Church of Havana. During NYAPC’s visit to First Havana in February this year, in which Leesburg Presbyterian participated, Rev. Héctor Méndez mentioned that t-shirts were now very difficult to purchase in Cuba, and the church needed more t-shirts for the four baseball teams and for the growing number of tai chi participants in church classes. NYAPC had previously provided base-ball t-shirts in 2010.

This project is the first joint effort of the Presbytery’s Cuba Network that was organized by NYAPC under the auspices of NCP’spartnership throug networks 6 Global Mission Network. Member churches of the Cuba Network include NYAPC, Church of the Pilgrims PC, Leesburg PC, Vienna PC, NCP Presbyterian Women, and two members of Christ Presbyterian Church (Fairfax).

Two boxes of t-shirts were shipped to Winnetka Presbyterian Church near Chicago, whose 21-member delegation went to First Havana on July 25, 2014 and delivered the shirts from the NCP Cuba Network. Winnetka PC is part of the PCUSA Cuba Partners Network.

With a local mission network, focused on either global or local concerns, individual congregations increase their impact by accessing the resources of NCP Global Mission Network and Mission Coordinating Committee. Networks can be linked with PCUSA Networks and General Assembly offices. What may be difficult for one congregation to accomplish independently, becomes possible through a network of partners. How wonderful to have Networks!

For more information on Global Partnership contact: NCP’s Global Mission Advocate, Judith Dahmann, jdahmann@mitre.org
To find out how your church can contribute to NCP’s global partnerships and other exciting Presbytery Mission Projects click here.

Remember, we can do more together to serve God and demonstrate the love revealed in Jesus Christ than any of us can do separately. Together we are making a difference!