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Purpose of the Global Mission Team

To provide a forum to advance the Presbytery’s emphasis of serving as a catalyst for mission by connecting congregations with common local, national, and international mission interest.

Executive Team
James Munthali, Burke, jakmunthali@verizon.net, NCP Global Mission Team Leader
Judith Dahmann, Old Pres. Meeting House, jdahmann@mitre.org
Pam Gunn, Saint Mark, pam.gunn@comcast,net
Rhonda O’Bannon, Old Pres. Meeting House, rkobannon@verizon.net
Mark Reimers, Clifton, kibwezi@aol.com

Download a brochure on Global Mission Team actives and funding opportunities.

Global Mission Team Objectives

  • Sensitize members and congregations to the needs, challenges, and opportunities of global mission
  • Encourage active participation in global mission activities
  • Increase our effectiveness in global mission programs and activities
  • Learn from each other
  • Receive, review, and make recommendations on Global Mission Grants

Bi-Monthly Open Meetings

The Global Mission Network meets approximately every other month throughout the year. Each meeting is hosted by one of the participating congregations. the meetings feature updates on PC(USA) global mission activities, presentations from mission projects from throughout the Presbytery and visiting mission speakers. These meetings provide an opportunity to share and learn as well as to get to know people who share your interest in global mission. Contact Mark Reimers for meeting dates and times.

NCP Global Mission Funding

  • For presentation on current grant programs, click here
  • For information on NCP Mission Network Initiative, click here
  • For information on Activities and Past Grant, click here

For complete list of grants and scholarship opportunities click here.

A slideshow highlighting past recipients of Global Mission grants available HERE as a pdf.